Rainy Day F-M exists solely as a platform to connect our community with the businesses that need them. We do not charge or make any profit off of this website. We also do not personally endorse any business within this list. 

Some other important things to note:

  • All data collected via our Join form is used only for business listings. We do not store, save, or share this data outside of directly adding it to the listing.
  • We will never collect information from people outside of that necessary to add a business.
  • We will not charge for any listing, and do not require any sort of membership/signup for users.
  • We do not edit any business listing. What is provided by the business owner is what is listed.

At this point in time, we exist only to bridge the gap between the community that wants to support others and the businesses that need them. 

If you have questions about our policies, please contact us using the form below.