It’s a Rainy Day in Fargo-Moorhead

You know how they always say to “save for a rainy day”? Well it’s pouring and a lot of our small businesses are drowning. They rely on us to keep their doors open, and for a majority of them, this crisis could shut those doors forever.

Rainy Day F-M was created to connect customers to businesses that need support. Many of our favorite places have had to completely change their business model, but without our support, it might not be enough. Yet the only way to find those businesses is to search for them individually, leaving a lot of small businesses fighting to get noticed.

As much as we hope this will all blow over quickly, the reality is we may be distancing for a while. Let’s band together to make sure our community stays diverse and healthy, both physically and financially.

Want to lend a business your umbrella? Just check out the search up top and find someone who needs your help!

And, if you don’t find your favorite business on the list, let them know so we can get them added! The more people here, the more people we can help. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite business to add to your own list!

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